Advantages of Hiring a Law Firm!

phonate-law-firmA law firm means a business firm where one or more lawyers come together and offer the legal services to their clients. These services include consultancy, legal representation in court cases and legal representation in various business transactions where the law is involved. Many people prefer hiring the law firms rather than hiring an individual attorney to represent them for various reasons. One of the reason is that these firms have better infrastructure and more manpower to conduct all the legal businesses. There are two kinds of legal firms which operate in the field of law.

Types of legal firms

  • Small Law firm

A legal firm which has two to ten lawyers operating under one business agency, it can be called a small or boutique law firm.

  • Large Law firm

A legal firm which has more than several dozen lawyers and employees can be called as a large firm.

  • Solo Law Firm

As the name suggests, the solo law firm is the firm where a single attorney practices the law with the help of his staff of paralegals and other clerical personnel.

  • Criminal Law Firm

The legal firm which specifically deals with criminal cases is called as the criminal law firm. They generally represent private citizens who are charged with criminal offences.

  • Litigation firm

A litigation firm only takes the cases which need court appearances and court trials.

  • Transaction firm

There are also some legal firms which only deal with the various legal documents such as wills, various legal deeds etc. these firms do not take cases where a court appearance for a trial is involved.

law-firm-2Advantages of hiring Law firms

  • The legal firms have better infrastructure as compared to an individual attorney. These firms have big libraries and a large number of employees and these are really helpful in gathering evidence or following the tedious and lengthy process of law.
  • As there are more lawyers in a firm, the firm can represent the client in many types of legal cases. You need not find a different lawyer for a different legal case.
  • You can choose the firm depending on the nature of your case and you will be represented by experienced lawyers.
  • You can be sure of representation due to a large number of lawyers in the firm. It means that you will be able to get legal advice whenever you need as someone will always be there to advise you on legal matters.
  • Generally, these large legal firms have any offices at different locations. Therefore, they are able to represent you perfectly if you are a businessman with transactions in different cities or locations.
  • A small firm is also useful if you have a case which is not big enough to be taken by a large firm. The fees you will be charged by a small firm will also be less.
  • If you hire the legal firms which are large in size, then it will mean that you have a complete team on your side which will help you win your case. This fact may help you settle your dispute out of the court so that you will save your time as well as money.

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